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The Magnolia Duchess

As the War of 1812 rages across the newly formed United States, another war rages in Fiona Lanier’s heart—one that threatens to tear her family apart.


Fiona can scarcely take in the news of her brother’s capture and imprisonment by the British Navy. It is almost as unbelievable as the half-drowned British sailor who is washed ashore on the beach of Navy Cove.


Charlie Kincaid claims to have no memory of his life before being discovered by Fiona, but in a world that seems saturated with treachery, she cannot be sure he is telling the truth.

As Charlie’s memory returns in agonizing jags and crashes, he and Fiona discover that falling in love may be as inevitable as the tide. But when political allegiances collide, they’ll have to decide where their true loyalties lie.

Satisfied Reader Says: 

Beth White’s books are unique in the inspirational romance market. Her setting and time period, characters, and romance are all something quite different from what a reader might expect but wonderful nevertheless. And from the opening line, I found myself drawn into the book and the plight of the main characters.

Lynda Edwards

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Lanier Family Tree

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