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Redeeming Gabriel


Spying for the Union army has taken a heavy toll on Gabriel Laniere. Though his cause is noble, the constant deception required has eaten away at his soul. And never can Gabriel risk getting close to anyone—not even God. Yet Camilla Beaumont, daughter of the Confederacy, just might be the exception. Courageously, unbeknownst to family and friends, Camilla works for the Underground Railroad. This dangerous secret rivals Gabriel's own. Perhaps Camilla could understand the sacrifices he has made in the name of duty. And the unlikely partnership they forge could be the key Gabriel seeks to a soul-shaking truth larger than any conflict—love.

Author's Note: Camilla Beaumont  and Gabriel Laniere  appear in the sequel to this novel, Crescent City Courtship. They also make cameo appearances in A Reluctant Belle. Camilla's younger brother, Schuyler, is the hero of A Reluctant Belle and appears in all three Daughtry House books.

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